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The high-performance alloy is leading manufacturers and suppliers of steel, alloy steel, carbon steel mold in the form of fitting, flanges, wire, coils, and pipes. They are known to be best suppliers of Hastelloy B3 pipes due to improved quality and serviceability to customers. They carry the experience of more than 25 years and provide huge opportunities to the customers.



These wires are made from a nickel-molybdenum alloy. The alloy is resistant to environments such as sulfuric, phosphoric acids, hydrogen chloride gas, and acetic acids. These alloys don’t resist to the reducing media such as oxidizing media and contaminants and thus should not be used in such reducing environments. The hydrochloric acid if contain iron or copper then alloy B3 should not be used in such system as premature failure can occur.


The alloy doesn’t allow the formation of carbide precipitates under welding condition and thus is suitable to be used in most of the chemical applications. They also offer excellent resistance to cracking due to stress and pitting. The alloy provides hardness to pipes but only if they are formed under precautions. They can be difficult or moderate when machining similar to the nickel and cobalt-based alloys. Thus during machining few key points should be remembered such as capacity, tool sharpness, tools, rigidity, lubrication and positive cuts. Only conventional production methods are used for machining of these alloys at satisfactory rates to make Hastelloy B3 pipes.

The pipes are wrapped separately so that the quality of the material does not get affected. Any damage can decrease the productivity of the pipe.

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