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We could say that the Hastelloy B3 stud bolts are more sophisticated. They have superior thermal stability and improved fabrication characteristics over the previous B family alloys. They have a better structural stability. Due to their high temperature strength, corrosion resistance and resistance towards various chemicals they are in demand among industries like nuclear power, mining and water desalination. These corrosion resistant stud alloys are widely used in chemical processing industries. They are specifically designed to be resistant towards very aggressive hydrochloric acid (HCl), hyrdrobromic acid (HBr) and sulfuric acids (H2SO4) as well as acetic, formic and phosphoric acids.


They have a wide variety of chemical components in them like nickel, manganese, cobalt, sulphur, chromium, ferrous and few others which all contribute to its properties. Their main properties include their ductility during change in temperature, resistance to pitting, corrosion and stress-corrosion cracking and resistance to knife-line and heat-affected zone attack.


They are used in aircraft, furnace, honeycombs, gas turbine combustion section components and chemical section components. They are available in the market mostly in ½” sizes or larger but can be made to order as per requirement.

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