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Finally, you are required to buy Hastelloy B3 washer for fulfilling various application requirements. It is functioning under severe mechanical stress and various high temperatures and also where greater surface stability is needed.  It contains elements in varieties of combinations so desired results can be achieved easily. However, well improved thermal stability of washer minimizes all problems that are associated with B-2 alloy components fabrications. It offers well-improved resistance to attack of heat zone corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. Chromium, cobalt, tungsten, manganese, iron is present in small quantity. To strengthen the washer is done by performing solid solution hardening, precipitation hardening and work hardening method.


The specification of Hastelloy B3 washer is BS, IS and ASTM. The standard specification of it is ASTM B335. The size in which it is available is 3mm to 200mm. In length, it is available M02 to M33. You can no doubt buy those at reasonable price from the dealers. To assure high quality of product testing is mandatorily performed like hardness test, pitting resistance test, intergranular corrosion test, material identification test etc. the test certification is as well given accordance to 10204 3.14B, raw material test certification, 100% radiography test report to buyer for their satisfaction.

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