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The main applications of Hastelloy C2000 are fasteners, springs, mixer shafts and pumps. It is one of the versatile alloys of Molybdenum, Nickel & Chromium which possess exceptional resistance to corrosion in all acidic environments and at high-temperature working conditions. It is extremely opposing to various types of non-oxidizing as well as oxidizing chemicals. These also exhibit terrific resistance while attacks of pitting and crevice in the atmosphere of halides and other chlorides.


They have an appropriate modulus of Rigidity and Elasticity along with proper Coefficient of Expansion for both industrial and household applications. They are available in the forms of both bars as well as wire. Their Electrical Resistivity and Thermal Conductivity make them perfect for spring applications. They also have good tensile strength along with workability of high temperature. Their operating conditions are in between very cold temperature to a very high temperature from -200?C to 400?C.


Hastelloy C2000 fasteners are uniquely made from 12 different corrosion-resistant alloys from the variety of Hastelloy. However, these alloys contain some quantity of supplementary metals which improves their properties of strength and workability.

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