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Hastelloy C2000 Foil

Hastelloy C2000 Foil is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy. It is resistant to corrosion and oxidation under various conditions, making it an optimal choice for many industries requiring high-temperature performance. This alloy contains molybdenum, chromium, nickel and tungsten as its major elements; iron, manganese, cobalt, sulfur, and phosphorus are also in minor amounts, along with a few trace elements. Its combination of properties gives it good mechanical strength even at elevated temperatures up to 2000°F (1100°C).

Hastelloy C2000 Foil has excellent properties, making it a popular choice in many industrial applications. It is highly resistant to corrosion from sulfuric acid due to its exceptional molybdenum content, and its good mechanical strength allows for effective sealing pressures even at elevated temperatures. The foil also has low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity and improved stress-rupture strength compared to other materials, making it an ideal solution for the most demanding heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

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