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The Hastelloy C2000 Stud Bolts are manufactured with an alloy combination similar to other hastelloy family but with a higher concentration of copper. This results in enhanced resistance towards sulphuric acid, hydrofluoric acid and dilutes hydrochloric acid at high temperatures. Otherwise the nickel chromium iron and molybdenum are the major composition of this alloy. The high chromium content results in maximum resistance to oxidising chemicals. It exhibits superior resistance to non oxidising environments, making it an ideal choice for protecting chemical process equipment. It is also a unique choice of alloy in conditions where streams contaminated with ferric ions are come across. They also provide excellent protection from chlorides and other halide solutions, pitting, crevice attack and stress corrosion cracking in particular. Furthermore, they exhibit great resistance to stress corrosion cracking and superior resistance to localized corrosion.


They are typically used in chemical process industry reactors, heat exchangers, columns and piping. They are also used in pharmaceutical industry dryers and reactors and also found to be useful in gas desulfurization systems. These high performance Hastelloy C2000 Stud Bolts are generally available in 1/2" sizes or greater due to materials availability in the market.

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