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C22 Hastelloy bolts are composed of a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with an addition of tungsten. This combination of ingredients gives the bolts excellent resistance against corrosion and oxidation. It can be used in various conditions, from ultra-pure water to high concentrations of acetic acid, chlorine and chlorides. Furthermore, these bolts possess excellent strength at elevated temperatures. Therefore, Hastelloy C22 bolts are the perfect choice for applications where dependable performance is essential.

Hastelloy C22 bolts are a fantastic choice in fastening applications due to their incredible strength and chemical stability. The most common uses for these bolts are found in power plants, chemical refining equipment and pharmaceutical processing systems, as the material is resistant to chloride crevice corrosion, pitting and stress-corrosion cracking. Additionally, Hastelloy C22 bolts can withstand higher temperatures than many other steel alloy sheets on the market. Greater strength makes Hastelloy C22 bolts an excellent choice for marine applications such as propellers and deepwater platforms where corrosion from seawater is a constant threat. Finally, this type of bolt can be welded and machined like any other stainless steel fastener, making installation quick and cost-effective.

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