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In the various industries and commercial applications, C22 Hastelloy washers have been used for the various benefits. This Hastelloy C22 washer has the extraordinary corrosion resistance properties along with the huge strength. They are usually the flat washers which have amazing resistance to the stress corrosion cracking, pitting corrosion and also the knife line & weld heat affected zone attack. The most popular chemical processing industries using this washer include heat exchangers, reactors and also columns. At the same time, they also offer optimum level of resistance to the particular environments where oxidizing and reducing conditions are encountered in the stream process.


These washers can be easily forged, welded, hot upset & also impact extruded. There are so many numbers of the steel manufacturer, supplier or exporter company available to offer you such C22 Hastelloy washers for your various industrial benefits. The popular applications of these washers include acid etching, acetic acid or acetic anhydride, chlorination systems, cellophane manufacturing, electro glavanizing rolls, complex acid mixtures, flue gas scrubber systems, expansion bellows and geothermal wells.

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