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Hastelloy C276 Coil

Hastelloy C276 coil is a corrosion-resistant nickel-molybdenum alloy used in many industrial and engineering processes. It consists of a Nickel content of around 38%, Molybdenum content between 14% - 17%, Chromium at 15%-17%, Manganese at one max %, Carbon 0.010 max, Silicon 0.08 max, Iron 4 – 7%, Cobalt 2.5% maximum, Tungsten 3-4.5%, Sulfur 0.03 max and Phosphorous .04max%. This composition earns C276 its strong resistance to oxidizing and reducing components found in mixed acid solutions such as organic acids like acetic acid or formic acid as well as sulfuric and phosphoric acids, making it highly versatile for many applications requiring superior corrosion protection!

Hastelloy C276 Coil is a nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance in oxidizing and reducing environments. It is widely used for oil & gas, chemical processing, pollution control equipment, marine engineering, pulp and paper industries. Its superior properties include high strength at elevated temperatures without sacrificing flexibility or toughness, good oxidation resistance, good formability & fabricability, low thermal expansion and high heat conductivity. In addition to these features, Hastelloy C276 has exceptional pitting and crevice corrosion resistance in a wide range of process media.

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