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There are many registered trademark companies that provide Hastelloy C276 Nuts which mainly contains alloys of molybdenum, chromium, and nickel. The perfect proportion of these alloys in Hastelloy nuts makes them an excellent for resistance to corrosion. The Hastelloy nuts are known for their excellent resistance against corrosion in every atmosphere of reduction and oxidation. That is why they are widely used in every application of strong corrosion. Not only this, these nuts also show extra-ordinary resistance in all acidic environments of sulfur and HCL. The superalloy of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum are the main constituents of Hastelloy C276 Nuts along with some amount of tungsten.


This process of meticulous designing makes them one of the best anti-corrosion nuts available in the market. The high nickel along with molybdenum contents creates an alloy of nickel & steel which acts as a great resistant in the environments of a crevice and pitting corrosion. The chromium of Hastelloy provides powerful resistance in oxidizing media in a variety of severe environments. Hastelloy C276 is generally considered as one of the most versatile corrosion and heat resistant alloy available in the market.  Hastelloy C276 Nuts uses are also advantageous in stress-corrosion cracking, resistance to pitting, in addition to high-temperature atmospheres and seawater.

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