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The plates made of Hastelloy C276 plates are made to wear resistance due to their galling properties, and stress & strain resistance. They have phenomenal resistance to various types of corrosion such as the oxidizing, acidic, and cracking environment. Hastelloy plates are made in accordance with machinability, toughness and creep persisting strengths. All these plates can be treated up to a heating of 1800F temperature in the industry and still their performance won't decrease.



Hastelloy C276 plates are made from a combination of nickel and chromium which makes them extra useful. To avail international specifications these plates are standardized with ASTM and ASME SB575 with various other standardization of individual countries. And when talking about size, they are available in 1000mmx 2000mm. 12200mm x 24400mm, 2000 x 4000mm. Moreover, if your requirements don’t meet the above sizes we also provide custom-made plates that will contain requirements as per your specifications.



These Hastelloy C276 plates are available in variants of soft, hard, half-hard, quarter hard, spring hard etc. these ranges make it useful in industries like chemical, aerospace, marine and many other.

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