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Hastelloy C276 is an exceptional material that excels in a variety of applications and is often utilized for split tee pipe fittings. This high-performance alloy exhibits an extraordinary combination of properties such as durability, versatility, and superior resistance to a wide range of corrosive environments. Delving into its chemical composition, Hastelloy C276 is predominantly composed of nickel, constituting 50-52.5% of its mass. It also supplements this with a considerable amount of molybdenum (15-17%) and chromium (14.5-16.5%) which provide increased corrosion resistance. Furthermore, lesser amounts of tungsten (3-4.5%), iron (4-7%), and cobalt (2.5% maximum) can be found in their composition. In addition, trace elements including carbon, manganese, silicon, vanadium, and sulfur also lend their unique features to this remarkable material. With such a distinct blend of elements, Hastelloy C276 Split Tee Pipe Fittings has earned its place as a popular choice for split tee pipe fittings in the most demanding industries.

C276 Hastelloy split tee pipe fittings have carved a distinctive niche in various industries due to their exceptional properties and widespread uses. These versatile fittings boast remarkable resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemical environments, including those containing highly oxidizing and reducing media. Consequently, they have become an essential component in industries such as petrochemical, chemical processing, and oil and gas. Furthermore, Hastelloy C276 split tee pipe fittings exhibit excellent corrosion resistance under stress, proving to be highly durable and reliable. They also showcase a commendable ability to withstand extreme temperatures, adding value to heavy-duty applications with fluctuating temperature conditions. In addition to these remarkable properties, their ease of fabrication and weldability make them even more desirable, allowing industries to customize and install them with minimal effort. Given these exceptional attributes, Hastelloy C276 split tee pipe fittings have undoubtedly become a popular choice in catering to the diverse needs of various industries.

FAQ's for Hastelloy C276 Split Tee Pipe Fittings

Hastelloy C276 Split Tee Pipe Fittings are highly corrosion-resistant alloy fittings used in a variety of applications such as chemical processing, pollution control and power generation.

The pressure rating for Hastelloy C276 Split Tee Pipe Fittings is 6,000 psi at temperatures up to 1,900°F (1038°C).

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