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Hastelloy C276 washers are a type of corrosion-resistant fastener ideal for applications that involve exposure to aggressive chemicals, acidic solutions, and seawater. The chemical composition of these special alloys consists primarily of nickel (58%) and molybdenum (16%) mixed with various percentages of other elements such as chromium, iron, tungsten, cobalt, and vanadium. These additional elements give superior alloy hardness, strength, workability and weldability compared to other stainless steels. Additionally, the unique composition allows it to sense corrosive environments much better than other materials while maintaining high-temperature properties that enable its use in various commercial settings. Hastelloy C276 washers provide superior durability and corrosion resistance and can withstand thermal shock for maximum service life.

Hastelloy c276 washer is a type of high-performance alloy renowned for its low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent oxidation resistance. It has outstanding resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion cracking, and stress-corrosion cracking in a wide range of media. These features make it suitable for use in chemical processing plants, where the temperature and corrosive properties of the liquid can vary drastically from time to time. It is also used in chemical transportation/processing pipelines, pharmaceuticals/biologicals, offshore oil rigs, refineries and power plant condensers. Additionally, c276 Hastelloy washers can be used to join flanges that are subject to dissimilar temperatures or temperatures that fluctuate often. They offer superior machinability characteristics, too, so they can be easily worked with arc welding and other joining methods.

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