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Hastelloy C4 Flanges

Hastelloy C4 Flanges are a series of flanges made from super alloys of the same name. Due to its composition, these alloys offer tremendous resistance to oxidization, corrosion and other chemical reactions. The primary components of Hastelloy C4 are iron (26-30%), molybdenum (17-21%), chromium (16-20%), cobalt (9-12%) and tungsten (5%-7%). These elements allow it to possess exceptional mechanical properties at high temperatures along with excellent weldability characteristics. This makes Hastelloy C4 flanges suitable for extremely corrosive environments such as in processing hydrochloric acid or other high chloride-containing solutions. Its high-strength performance is also ideal for any application requiring higher pressure ratings than regular stainless steel flanges.

Hastelloy C4 Flanges are a type of flange made of the corrosion-resistant alloy Hastelloy C4. They have excellent resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking and pitting, making them ideal for chemical processing applications involving organic acids, chlorine and other halide salts. They also work well in ambient temperatures between -11°C (12°F) and 593°C (1100°F). Furthermore, they offer a good strength-to-weight ratio at high temperatures and superior weldability compared to other alloys. Hastelloy C4 Flanges are highly recommended for acidic environments due to their exceptional corrosion resistance properties.

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