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Hastelloy C4 Foil

Hastelloy C4 Foil has a great combination of corrosion resistance, fabricability and high strength characteristics. It is an alloy composed of nickel-molybdenum-chromium and some iron with additions of tungsten and cobalt. This versatile alloy offers good oxidation and creep resistance and excellent solderability in most corrosive environments, including oxidizing acids like nitric acid solutions and reducing acids such as hydrochloric acid. Furthermore, it exhibits good weldability when shielded from atmospheric contamination. Even at elevated temperatures, its superior performance makes Hastelloy C4 Foil ideal for many applications across industries like pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, petrochemicals, marine engineering, etc.

Hastelloy C4 foil is a corrosion-resistant, nickel-based alloy material with superior resistance to high-temperature oxidation and excellent formability. It is often used in heat exchangers, pressure vessels, steam generators and petrochemical production equipment due to its superior thermal stability and exceptional strength characteristics. Its outstanding chemical resistance properties make it ideal for corrosive environments like sulfuric acids and chlorides. It has also been useful in manufacturing aircraft components, nuclear fuel elements, turbine blades, electronics and medical implants, and jewellery applications.

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