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UNS N06200

The Hastelloy UNS N06200 Plates exhibit a remarkable combination of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties attributed to their unique chemical composition. These high-performance alloys are made primarily of nickel, comprising 50-60% of the mixture. The alloy is further strengthened by adding approximately 15-25% of molybdenum, which bestows the material with incredible resistance to highly corrosive environments, including acidic mediums. Chromium, constituting around 14-16% of the total mixture, enhances the material's ability to withstand oxidation and pitting corrosion, while trace amounts of tungsten, iron, cobalt, carbon, and silicon fortify the overall structural integrity of Hastelloy UNS N06200. The synergistic effect of these elements enables the alloy to withstand harsh conditions, such as oxidizing acids and salts, chlorinated solvents, and sulfur-containing atmospheres, making it highly sought after in various industrial applications like chemical processing, aerospace, and waste treatment facilities.

Hastelloy UNS N06200 Plates exhibit remarkable properties and versatile uses in various industrial applications. Featuring exceptional resistance to highly corrosive environments, these plates can withstand extreme temperatures, making them highly suitable for chemical processing industries, pharmaceuticals, and oil and gas refineries. The impressive mechanical strength of Hastelloy UNS N06200 proves its reliability in high-pressure systems, such as heat exchangers and pressurized vessels. Furthermore, these plates offer excellent formability and weldability, allowing for easy fabrication and installation in intricate designs. With their low maintenance requirements and exceptional durability, Hastelloy UNS N06200 Plates facilitate cost-effective and long-lasting solutions for industries seeking reliable, high-performance material options.

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