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UNS N06455

Hastelloy UNS N06455 Plates contains outstanding high-temperature stability; these plates are made from nickel –chromium –molybdenum alloy. Since it is widely used nickel –chromium material which is very well known for its high strength and corrosion resistance at high temperature. The plates consider excellent high-temperature stability that includes oxidation resistance and ductility. The plates are suitable for chemical process applications in welding situations.


The plates have superior resistance quality to stress corrosion cracking and to oxidize atmosphere at the extreme environment. The plates are using to form chemical process equipment. The plates consist of various features like dimensions, specifications, thickness, sizes, and forms. These plates are made from the combination of various elements that provides a good strength and workability. The plates are formed by using optimum quality of raw material and standard techniques that designs accurate dimensional, durable and malleable product.


Hastelloy UNS N06455 Plates offers a huge range of customized forms as well as standard forms as per the requirement of the clients since this plates are affordable and reasonable, the client can easily avail this product at an effective rate.

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