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UNS N10665

Hastelloy UNS N10665 Plates are made from nickel –molybdenum elements that consist of significant corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The Hastelloy plates precipitate in the weld heat-affected zone and make it suitable for the welding conditions. The plates are rust free, highly durable as well as hard and malleable. The plates contain molybdenum as a primary component that provides high resistance to corrosion.


The plates are formed with a high quality of raw materials which facilitates high quality of the product. The plates are designed to meet the standards and quality services to the international and national, market.  The plates are available in customized shapes and sizes to their customers.


The plates are offered in different sizes such as 1000mmx2000mm, 1220mmx2440, 1500x300, 2000mmx2000. The thickness of the plates is available in 0.1 mm to 12 mm thick. The plates are offered in various forms such as plain sheet, shim sheet, and flats etc.  The customer can buy these plates according to the requirements and demand.


The Hastelloy UNS N10665 Plates are applicable in many industries such as in power generation, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, gas processes and in off-shore oil drilling companies. Since this plates have good strength and better workability that gives excellent corrosion resistance.


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