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UNS N10665

A molybdenum-nickel based alloy with magnificent resistance so as to reduce environment like sulfuric, chloride gas and acetic acids is termed as Hastelloy Tubing UNS N10665. The product is generally renowned for offering resistance toward pure sulfuric acid as well as non-oxidizing acids. It can’t be used in where oxidizing and oxidizing media or contaminants are present. The alloy experience a premature failure when used in copper or iron that holds hydrochloric acid.


The popular industry users appreciate the resistance over far and a wide range of acids thus resistance to stress-cracking is made possible. The Hastelloy Tubing UNS N10665 resists due to the formation of grain carbide precipitate that makes it suitable in all chemical processes and in welded-conditions.


The heat-affected zone is responsible for reduction in carbide precipitation so as to ensure uniform resistance to corrosion. It also possesses for offering excellent stress-corrosion cracking and pitting resistance.


We are the esteemed manufacturer, exporter and trader of Hastelloy tubing with correct ultimate tensile strength, yielding strength, and elongation.


We make it available in various dimensions and specifications at cost effective prices.

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