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Hastelloy Washer

Hastelloy Washers are components of machines used in various industries such as chemical, automotive, aerospace and petrochemical. They have a specific chemical composition of a number of metals, including Nickel (Ni), Chromium (Cr), Molybdenum (Mo), Iron (Fe), Carbon (C), Cobalt (Co) and Tungsten (W). These metals combine to form an alloy that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals while still maintaining shape and reliability. The individual contributions from the varied metals lend strength, corrosion resistance, flexibility and longevity to Hastelloy Washers. This combination makes them perfect for numerous applications requiring long-lasting components with superior performance.

Hastelloy washers are a type of mechanical fastener commonly used in industrial applications. These components have the distinct advantage of being highly resistant to heat, molten metals and corrosive environments, making them ideal for exposure to extreme temperatures and hostile conditions. They offer excellent thermal fatigue resistance, ensuring stability throughout cyclic operations. Hastelloy washers can also be treated with hard surfaces that further increase their durability and strength, even when exposed to pressure or high levels of vibration. This makes them suitable for applications such as nuclear reactors and petroleum tanks where abrasion and anxiety may be encountered daily. Overall, Hastelloy washers are an ideal choice for anything that requires protection from heat, corrosion or high-stress levels.


Is Hastelloy Washer Magnetic?

 No, Hastelloy washers are not magnetic due to their alloy composition, which prevents them from being attracted by a magnet. However, they do have the ability to hold a small amount of magnetism which is why they are often used in applications where high levels of magnetic fields are present.

Is Hastelloy Washer Corrosion Resistant? 

Yes, Hastelloy washers offer superior corrosion resistance when compared to other materials making them perfect for applications where moisture and chemical exposure is likely. This material is also resistant to oxidation and stress-corrosion cracking.

Does Hastelloy Washer Rust? 

No, Hastelloy washers are made from an alloy that resists rust and other forms of corrosion, even in the most extreme environments. This makes it a great choice for outdoor applications and areas where corrosive chemicals or high temperatures may be present.

What Are Hastelloy Washer Sizes? 

Hastelloy washers are available in a variety of sizes ranging from #6 up to 4 inches in outer diameter with thicknesses ranging from 0.125 inches up to 0.75 inches depending on the application requirements.

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