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The linear vibration collating unit, vibration disk and precise counting control unit is all customized as per the bolts samples, ensuring every single bag to be accurate. The packaging of the product is done using the standard product packaging quality. The company understands very well that how important is the quality packaging of the bolts for you. As a buyer you do not wants that these bolt to be shipped in bad condition at your doorstep. The producers are packaging the bolts using wooden crates, wooden boxes, cartons etc to pack these Hastelloy X bolts effectively.


It is well-known that the bolts have to be shipped across the globe or nation. It has to pass through various channels. So packaging requires care and it helps in avoiding any damages to these bolts. The Hastelloy X U bolts are produced keeping in mind national and international product standard ASTM, ASME, JIS, and Din.  Also, producers use high quality of raw materials bought from reliable vendors and modern methods of production. This is to ensure high quality of output and reduce human errors. All these are essential to maintaining a good market value of these bolts.

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