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In heavy industries, particularly in furnace application and petrochemical industries these Hastelloy X Stud Bolts are preferred for their superior properties. They are in general, furnished in the solution heat-treated condition and rapidly cooled.  These stud bolts are made of an alloy consisting of Nickel, chromium, iron and molybdenum in that order of composition. The higher percentage of nickel and chromium helps posses an exceptional combination of oxidation resistance and high temperature strength. They can withstand temperature of up to 2200F without being corroded. It is known to exhibit excellent resistance to oxidising, reducing and neutral environments. They also have good resistance to stress creep and rupture corrosion.


Because of the excellent characteristics listed above, they find widespread use in various industries. It is popularly used in combustion chambers, gas turbine engines for transition ducts and chambers, cabin heaters and combustor cans. It is recommended for use in components in industrial furnace because of its excellent resistance to oxidising environments at high temperatures. They are also used in aircraft industry and in nuclear engineering. In chemical process industries, they are used for retorts, catalyst support grids, tubing and flash drier components.

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