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Haynes 188 Bars are the cobalt made alloy which has a great and unique combination of features. The bars have exceptional oxidation resistance as well as lowering temperature strength to 1150 degree Celsius combined with better post-aging ductility. Due to its oxidation resistance, excellent high tensile strength and ductility, Haynes 188 has great necessity or demand for gas turbine applications, chemical, nuclear as well as airframe fields. Also, the general utilization of the bars is as combustor cans, flame holders and many more.


 Workability- This grade bar is always keep prepared itself to be forged and also due to its exceptional docility may be readily formed.  The product can be welded through both automatic as well as manual welding methods like resistance welding, electron beam or gas tungsten. These alloyed bars demonstrate outstanding restraint welding attributes.


Heat treatment- These Haynes 188 Bars are another form of wrought products and are furnished under heat- treated condition. Moreover, Alloy 188 is normally placed at -25° F and then placed under two working methods- water tempered and rapid air cooled. It is even placed under cold working process to be hardened and flexible.

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