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Haynes 230 Bars is a molybdenum-chromium-nickel-tungsten alloy product which blends exceptional resistance to an oxidizing atmosphere and high-temperature strength above 1149°C for prolonged exposure. These alloyed bars are readily formed and fabricated even it is easy to cast. Some other luring features of the bars are as lower thermal expansion, immune to grain coarsening with the longest exposure to elevated temperature.


As we said earlier, Haynes 230 has exceptional welding and forming attributes and it can be hot worked or forged. Due to its good ductility can be formed by cold-working readily. All cold worked and hot-worked process are annealed and speedily cooled with the aim of recollecting the best balance of features of this bar. The alloyed bars can be easily welded using various methods covering gas metal arc, resistance welding, and gas tungsten arc.


Castings- Haynes 230 Bars can be cast by traditional vacuum-melt investment and air-melt sand mold casting foundry practices. Moreover, in order to enhance its fluidity, silicon coating is needed at a high level. Casting may be utilized in any of the condition- solution heat treated and as-cast depending on the property needs.

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