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Haynes 25 Bars are also known as cobalt alloys which assemble at exceptional high temperature and possess good formability properties. Also, above 1800 degree Fahrenheit, the bars have 100-hour stress-rupture strength of 6000 to 7000 psi. These alloyed bars are immune to carburization and oxidation at 1900 degree Fahrenheit. Haynes bars serves better in almost all the jet engine parts. These are also used in some of these include combustion chambers, turbine rings, turbine blade, afterburner parts and else.


 Heat treatment-

This grade bar is kept at 2250°F temperature and then either in water quenched or rapid air cooled. After keeping it under the given temperature, it is prepared for cold Working and aging processes. These two processes are applied to the bars in order to implement its tensile strength and room temperatures. It is even kept above 1800°F for cold working and to increase its stress-rupture strength kept up to 1500°F temperature.

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