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Haynes 263 bars are composed of various elements which, when mixed, form an alloy that is particularly resistant to extremely high temperatures. The primary features making up Haynes 263 are cobalt and chromium, but it also contains small amounts of tungsten, manganese, molybdenum, niobium, and tantalum. When these six elements are combined in the correct proportions, they provide exceptional resistance to oxidation and corrosion that would otherwise occur at temperatures higher than 1120°C. Haynes 263 thus enjoys vast application in aviation and aerospace industries where extreme temperature reliability is necessary.

The Haynes 263 Bars is a precipitation-hardenable cobalt superalloy typically used as an aerospace material. It offers high strength and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for complex components that must function in extreme environments. In its annealed state, Haynes 263 bars can be cut, machined, and formed into desired shapes; upon heat-treating, the alloy's strength improves dramatically. Additionally, its oxidation resistance at high temperatures makes Haynes 263 suitable for applications that involve contact with hot gasses or other exhausts. The alloy also exhibits good wear resistance qualities and has been used in valve parts such as discs, stems, and seats that must deal with exposure to corrosives and frictional wear. Perhaps most unique is that this material remains stable even when subjected to radiation; thus, it can be utilized in multiple sectors, including the aerospace and nuclear industries.

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