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Haynes Bars

Today many industries dealing as a producer, stockists, suppliers and exporters of good quality Haynes bars are available in the market. These bars have some of the more remarkable features like withstanding heavy loads, rugged constructions, durability, excellent surface finishes, corrosion resistance, superior finishes, highly flexible, anti-corrosive, commendable dimensions accuracy etc. these are manufactured in a well-equipped industry wherein utilization of the latest technology, modern tools, and raw substances is given high importance.

Haynes metal bars are composed of 90% cobalt and 10% chromium. The addition of chromium to cobalt in Haynes bars has made them a high-performance alloy, ideal for situations that require a material capable of withstanding extreme heat, such as exhaust systems in combustion engines. These properties make the alloy very useful for aerospace manufacturing, where its ability to maintain strength at high temperatures is highly valued. Haynes bars also resist corrosion and oxidation, another desirable quality in temperature-sensitive environments. Regarding performance engineering applications, few materials are as dependable as Haynes bars.

Our manufacturers offer a wide comprehensive range of products per the buyer's specification requirements. These are provided to esteem patrons at industry rates. The dimensions are EN, JIS, ASME, AISI, ASTM etc.

The manufacturers of Haynes bars are assuring that they are not compromising the product quality. So they are performing various testing strictly to check the product quality. The testing is done: eddy current test, bend test, impact test, ultrasonic test, dye penetrant test, macro and micro test, and pitting resistance test. Also, hardness tests, radiography tests, mechanical and chemical tests, hydrostatic tests, and positive material identification tests are done. This results in high-quality Haynes bars production for satisfying various applications.

FAQ's for Haynes Bars

Haynes Bars are heat-resistant alloy bars made of nickel and cobalt used in furnace fixtures, moulds, and resistance heating elements.

Haynes Bars have an operating temperature of up to 2300°F (1260°C).

The density of Haynes Bars is 8.4 g/cm³.



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