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High-Speed Steel M2 Bars, commonly referred to as HSS M2 Bars, are renowned for the remarkable qualities that make them ideal for many industrial applications. The unique chemical composition of these bars sets them apart from conventional steel products. Primarily, HSS M2 Bars are composed of a blend of alloys, each offering specific attributes to the final product. The key constituents in this alloying mix include tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, vanadium, and cobalt. These elements are meticulously chosen and incorporated in precise proportions, ensuring that the resulting material exhibits exceptional hardness, robustness, and wear resistance – properties that lend themselves well to high-speed machining, cutting, and grinding operations. Moreover, the expertly crafted blend of alloys within HSS M2 Bars enables them to retain their integrity, even when subjected to extreme temperatures and pressures, thus making them indispensable in industries that demand high performance and durability. Indeed, the unparalleled chemical composition of HSS M2 Bars has propelled them to the forefront of cutting-edge applications across various industries.

The remarkable properties and versatile uses of M2 High-Speed Steel Bars have made them indispensable in various industries today. Crafted from a robust combination of tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, and vanadium, these bars exhibit exceptional hardness and strength, allowing them to withstand extreme cutting temperatures and maintain sharpness for extended periods. As a result, their use in fabricating cutting tools such as drill bits, milling cutters, and gear shapers has elevated the overall efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing sector. Additionally, the excellent impact resistance of M2 bars enables them to endure harsh conditions, making them highly sought after in the aerospace and automotive industries. Furthermore, their innate ability to be reshaped relatively easily allows manufacturers to develop tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements. High-Speed Steel M2 Bars have secured their esteemed reputation among industry experts in this durability, performance, and adaptability synergy.

FAQ's for High Speed Steel M2 Bars

HSN Code of High-Speed Steel M2 Bars is 7228-3050. It falls under the "Bars and Rods, Hot Forged/Rolled, of Other Alloy Steel" category in the GST Tariff list.

High-speed steel M2 bars can be successfully welded using inert tungsten gas (TIG) welding, as it is able to withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees Celsius. The TIG process must be conducted in an oxygen-free environment, and a temperature range of 1350-1400°C should be used. Additionally, the filler metal should match the base metal material grade when selecting rods for welding.

Yes, High-Speed Steel M2 bars are magnetic as they contain a lot of tungsten and cobalt, making them ferromagnetic. These M2 bars possess better wear resistance and higher heat tolerance than other types of steel.

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