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M2 high-speed steel is a tungsten-molybdenum steel tool. M2 is distinguished by well-balanced toughness, wear-resistance and red hardness characteristics. High-speed steel AISI M2 has essentially substituted T1 in most applications owing to its remarkable properties and favorable prices. M2 is medium-alloyed and is a good all-rounder with strong machinability, superior in this regard to high alloyed cold working steels.


M2 High-speed steel is renowned for its balanced combination of abrasion strength, durability, and good red hardness. M2 tool steel is the most commonly known high-speed steel owing to its superior quality. Thanks to its low carbon content, the M2 high speed tool steel has an excellent combination of durability and abrasion resistance when correctly hardened and tempered. M2 High Speed Steel Bar has low grinding efficiency and is thus deemed to be a "medium" machinability tool steel under annealed conditions. The machinability of these steels is only 50 percent of that of the easy-to-machine W group or the water-hardening tool steels.


UNS T11302 High Speed Steel is used for high production machine work and is used for various cutting tools, knife and punching and die applications. Twist drills, taps, milling cutters, reamers, broaches, saws, and knives are some of these applications. M2 is also ideal for cold work applications such as punching, forming and pressing tools.


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