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AISI / ASTM T1 Tool Steel Bar is one of the original high-speed steels made of tungsten, although all grades of tungsten steel are utilized to a small extent owing to the expense and uncertain availability of tungsten. Of the T-group steels, T1 tool steels and high-vanadium-cobalt T15 are most widely utilized.


T1 High-Speed Steel Bar is an air or oil hardening tool steel that has a high comprehensive performance. HSS T1 steel bars have high strength, hardness, and resistance to high temperatures, and is an exceptional cutting tool material. T-1 tool steel grade is used as a whole for turning, organizing & slotting instruments, tapes, twisted drills, threading dies, profile cutting equipment, broaching tools & reamers.


T1 High Speed Steel is recognized for its strong combination of resistance to abrasion, high strength, high hardness (available at 62~66Hrc) and reasonable red hardness (accessible at max. 620 degrees C, Advice operating below 600 degrees C) T1 high-speed steel is used in a number of applications and is the most prominent high-speed steel in the world owing to its superior consistency. Due to its low carbon content and high alloy content, T1 has an outstanding combination of toughness and abrasion resistance when properly hardened and tempered, and high-speed steel T1 is easy to grind.


HSS T1 bars are widely used for Drills, Hobs, Knurling Tools, Lathe Tools, Milling Cutters, Nut Piercers, Shaving Tools, Taps, Thread Cutting Tools, etc. ideal for processing soft or medium hardness material below (300 ~ 320 HB) and to manufacture high temperature abrasion machine parts.


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