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Tungsten high-speed tool steels or group T steels range from T1 to T15 steels. T15 High-Speed Steel is an air or oil hardening tool steel with extraordinary wear resistance. It is resistant to softening at high operating temperatures. T-15 (DIN 1.3202) powder metallurgy high-speed steel is cobalt-bearing super high-speed steel that can be heat-treated to a hardness of up to 67 RC. A large amount of hard vanadium carbides offers very high wear resistance. Cobalt content offers good resistance to softening at high temperatures of service (red or hot hardness). Such properties result in the prolonged preservation of hard, sharp cutting edges on tools made from the T15 High-Speed steel bar.


Owing to the use of powder metal, it is much easier to grind and displays impact strength that is more than twice that of the conventional ingot-cast T15 high-speed steel. UNS T12015 High Speed Steel Bar provides better cutting tool life compared to standard M1, M2, M7, and other low-alloy high-speed steels. It excels in cold work tooling applications, with high-carbon, high-chromium die steels such as D2 and D3.


Common tools for the application of T15 high-speed steel bars, include high-performance reamers, molding machines, milling cutters, end milling, taps, and reamers. T15 High speed steel bar may be used for any cutting operation on tough or abrasive materials that generate high cutting tool temperatures.


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