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We are one of the most popular dealers, exporter, and manufacturer of High Tensile MAXIL 690 plates that offer its customer with optimum grade stainless steel with sophisticated methodologies to ensure no defects while doing production. These are the plates that are offered to the people with easy installation, accuracy in its dimensions and also provide them with high strength. They are being checked and tested at every stage of production so that there are no mistakes being made while delivering it to its customers.


High Tensile MAXIL 690 plates provide you high yield strength as compared to the other steels. You can easily reduce the thickness and the structure so that it can be more resistance. They support more stress and are more have more resistance structure. We offer people with the large selection and the plates are also thick. The plates provided to its customer is also of excellent quality. They do not provide you with poor quality products. The product offered to you is made with standards keeping in mind that is national as well as international. They are made with the best quality products as well.

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