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High Tensile S690 QL Plates, these plates are said to be the higher yield strength plates, it carries the high return structural steel that evaluation creates inconsistence. Basically, it is the high temperature treated which utilizing the temper transform and extinguish and let it form the welding and bowing properties. As it material quality is of high in nature. Right now, there are so many industries that are using these plates in their working because they are well familiar with its quality.


These plates are widely used in the lifting transportations, Machine building, heavy equipment and steel construction and many more. Its chemical composition is somehow different from the other types of the plates; it gives it strength and toughness because of which it is greatly used in the constructional industries more.


High Tensile S690 QL Plates are also tested and well certified before they reach to the destiny. The manufacturer takes great care of the material quality which is used in the making of these plates. The quality of the material improves the quality of the final product.  So, take a smart decision and buy the right product.

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