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High Tensile Steel Sailma 350 HI Sheet

High Tensile Steel Sailma 350 HI Sheet is a hot rolled alloy of Carbon, Manganese, Silicon, Phosphorous-Sulphur and Vanadium. It is suitable for varied industrial applications due to its high strength, durability and corrosion resistance. The sheet provides excellent mechanical properties at low temperatures and offers great tensile strength & yield stress at elevated temperatures with good weldability & formability.


High Tensile Steel Sailma 350 HI Sheet is a material that offers excellent properties such as high strength, toughness, durability and superior weldability. It has a tensile strength of 550-700N/mm2 with good wear resistance and can be used in various applications such as for boilers, vessels, bridges and other structural components. It is also used in off-shore oil rigs for its corrosion resistance property. Additionally, it is economical to use, making it the preferred choice of many industrialists.

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