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High Tensile Steel Sailma 410 HI Sheet

High Tensile Steel Sailma 410 HI Sheet is a premium quality alloy steel that contains 0.40-0.45 wt% of Carbon, 0.60-1.00 wt% of Manganese, 0.035 max wt% of Sulphur and phosphorus and 1-1.5 wt% Chromium with low risk of corrosion or rusting structure as well as displaying good weldability and toughness at much lower temperatures than other carbon steels in the market today.


High Tensile Steel Sailma 410 HI Sheet is a highly versatile material with excellent properties like higher tensile strength, good weldability, durability, formability and toughness. Its applications include vehicle structures, bridges, construction of buildings and various other structural components. It offers superior resistance to corrosion, which prevents premature failure and offers long life spans even when subjected to severe environmental conditions.

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