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Sailma 450 HI

High-tensile steel Sailma 450 Hi plates exhibit exceptional mechanical properties and are specifically engineered to withstand immense stress applications. This material's remarkable strength and resilience can be attributed to its unique chemical composition. Primarily composed of iron, these steel plates also contain vital alloying elements such as carbon, manganese, phosphorus, and silicon, which are crucial in enhancing strength and flexibility.

Further on, small yet significant amounts of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium are added to the mix, which significantly improves the material's resistance to corrosion and wear. The culmination of these carefully balanced elements ensures that Sailma 450 Hi plates possess exceptional tensile strength, yield strength, weldability, and formability - making them indispensable in highly demanding industries such as construction, mining, and transportation.

450 High Tensile Steel Sailma Hi Plates boast an impressive array of properties and applications that make them a versatile and indispensable material in numerous industries. These plates are recognised for their exceptional tensile strength, which allows them to withstand enormous pressure and weight without deforming or breaking. They also exhibit excellent weldability, fatigue resistance, and surface hardness. As a result, they are ideally suited for heavy-duty applications such as structural engineering, shipbuilding, offshore drilling platforms, and bridge construction, where supreme durability and dependability are paramount.

Sailma 450 Hi's outstanding bending and forming capabilities promote its widespread use in the automobile industry for vehicle chassis and suspension components. High Tensile Steel Sailma 450 Hi Plates are revolutionising how we envision and execute projects across various sectors, ushering in a new era of construction and design excellence.

FAQ's for High Tensile Steel Sailma 450 HI Plates

The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HSN) Code for High Tensile Steel Sailma 450 Hi Plates is 72253010. It is an alloy steel designed to provide superior strength and toughness in a wide range of structural applications. It offers excellent welding properties making it an excellent choice for use in most fabrication projects.

High Tensile Steel Sailma 450 Hi Plates can be welded using a process called Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). It requires the use of shielding gas, a DC power source and a filler metal. This welding method produces strong and reliable joints without compromising the integrity of the plates.

YES - High Tensile Steel Sailma 450 Hi Plates are absolutely magnetic. With a minimum yield strength of 450MPa, they have excellent resistance to corrosion and elongation properties that make them ideal for industrial applications where high strength and durability are required.

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