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There are so many manufacturers are available that provides you with a wide variety of plates. But if you search for best plates then you should use Incoloy 800 Bars. It is the best plates and used in so many applications. It is made from the combination of various materials. Due to various combinations of materials, it has so many properties. These plates are very popular for its best mechanical and chemical properties. The important thing about these plates is that molybdenum is also added to it. The molybdenum is added in it to make it corrosion resistance.


Following are the specifications of Incoloy 800 Bars:

These bars are available in various sizes such as 5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 18mm and 500mm. These bars come up with various lengths. Sometimes the length is also decided according to the requirements of customers. These bars also have so many finishes such as bright polished, matte finish, rough turned, BA finish and much more. These bars are available in various forms such as square, round, hex, billet, rectangle, forging, ingot and much more.

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