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800 Incoloy Bolts are produced from an alloy composed of nickel-iron-chromium materials. In addition, the bolts contain small amounts of aluminum and titanium components for improved stress relief and higher impact resistance. The overall strength and malleability of the material make it an ideal choice for industrial applications, as its solid mechanical properties allow it to withstand extremely high temperatures. Furthermore, its corrosion-resistant surface layer prevents oxidation, which makes it suitable for use in adverse environments such as seawater or highly acidic compounds.

Incoloy 800 bolts are the perfect choice for many different applications. These bolts offer unbeatable durability and strength due to their high heat resistance and corrosion-resistant properties. They remain tough even at temperatures up to 1180C and resist oxidization when exposed to air or water. Incoloy alloy 800 bolts are designed to withstand various chemical processing environments, from acids to alkalis, solvents, salt solutions, and other aggressive compounds. As such, they are most frequently used in applications within the energy, industrial, and petrochemical industries, as well as for nuclear power plants. Their strength makes them suitable for thermal processing equipment, valves, and heat exchangers.

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