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A pipe made from nickel iron chromium alloy is the Incoloy 800 pipe. The high rupture strength of this alloy is an effect of carbon, aluminum, titanium content. In addition to this, the pipe made from this alloy has good corrosion resistance; also it is resistant to oxidation as well as carburization. Another feature of this alloy is that it can withstand the high-temperature environment.

Available forms of the incoloy 800 are- wires, tubes, sheets, bars, pipe fitting, flanges, forging, welded and seamless pipe/ tubes. The thickness of the incoloy 800 pipe is up to 8” nb. The large sizes of this pipe are available in the welded construction. The incoloy 800 tubing is offered in diameter up to 3” OD. These pipes are used widely all over the world in the industries like the industrial furnaces, hydrocarbon cracking, valves, heat exchangers, petrochemical processing, etc. common trade names of this alloy pipe is ferrochronin 800, nicrofer 3220, nickelvac 800.

Customers buy this alloy pipe because of its great features, wide applications, and cost-effectiveness. One can easily get this pipe in markets.

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