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These screws are made of with nickel alloy. Incoloy 800 screws offer to improve stress rupture properties which ensure optimum high-temperature properties. Another use is that it is primarily used in applications of high temperature up to 1100 F where most of the screws are deformed in this temperature. In most of the water, and extreme corrosive conditions where temperature continuous changes and materials need to hold tighter Incoloy 800 screws are perfect for holding up materials for a long time. The high tensile strength of these screws makes it perfect for marine use. The most common type of screws is tightened by standard spanner or socket or ratchet.


Incoloy 800 screws are popularly used in all the assembly. Manufacture use high-quality raw materials for better accuracy and precision of these screws. You can find this screw in different metric dimensions and different threaded sizes. Manufactured screws are certified by ISO 4014 or DIN 931.  These screws are ideally used for high tensile assemblies in most extreme environments. If you need to assemble machine components underwater conditions then, this screw is perfect for you.

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