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Incoloy 800 grade alloy is chromium-nickel-iron alloy with excellent carburization and oxidation resistance at high-temperature exposure and good tensile strength. This alloy is identical except for high carbon level. Incoloy refers to the superalloys that are produced by using the good quality of materials to withstand easily in the severe environment. The features that incoloy 800 plates are having are high-temperature strength, resistance to carburization and oxidation in an environment that is of high temperature. It is having high creep rupture strength and is excellent resistance to corrosion in the acidic environment. It also possesses excellent resistance to the sulfur-containing surrounding.




The standard specification of Incoloy 800 sheets is ASTM, GOST ASTM, AMS, DIN, EN, JIS, MLS, and AISI. The wall thickness of it is 1.2mm to 100mm. The width of it is 1000-1500mm. The length in which it is available is 1000mm to 6000mm. The surfaces of it are 2B, 8K, BA, N04, and N03. The manufacturing process if cold rolled and hot rolled. You can surely get it as per your need from, the seller that is holding good market reputation and is listed on the the top ranking dealer in the entire world.

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