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Incoloy 825 bolts have become highly popular because of it’s an ultimate quality of bolts. These grade bolts are supplied in full threads and half threads with various sizes and shapes ranging from M5 to M72 and above. These incoloy bolts are offered with both UNF and UNC threads. Incoloy 825 bolts are having features like it is excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Also, it is resistance to the reducing environment that contains sulfuric and phosphorous acid. It is highly resistant to oxidizing surrounding contains nitrates and nitric acid. It is crevice corrosion as well as intergranular corrosion resistance. This alloy at cryogenic temperature and moderate temperature has good mechanical properties.


The standard specification of it is BS, ASTM and DIN and also all international standards. In length, the bolts are available 3mm to 200mm. The size of the bolts is ranging from 3/6” to 2” and customized size. The types of bolts available are namely lag bolts, hex head bolts, hex bolt, U bolts, square bolts and eye bolts, countersunk bolts etc. You can specify the requirements and place an order to buy these.

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