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There are many producers who are dealing in bulk in Incoloy 825 forged fittings. They are giving their valuable patrons that these fittings are made up of using excellent quality of raw items and using modern technology. It is, however, necessary to use good quality of raw items to produce it that could easily withstand corrosion, oxidation, carburization etc. It also assures that fittings are weldable, formable, ductile etc. 


The specification of Incoloy 825 threaded forged fittings is ASME B564 and ASTM B564. The type of incoloy is socket weld fittings. Its classes are like 2000LBS, 9000LBS, 6000LBS, and 3000LBS. The size of this item is ranging from 1/8” NB to 4” NB (screwed threaded and socket weld). The standard specifications of it are BS 3799, ASME 16.11, MSS-SP-79, 97, 95, and 83.


The producers of Incoloy 825 socket weld forged fittings are providing their client's test certifications. It is raw material certifications, third-party inspection report, 100% radiography test records.  The producer also provides test certifications that are in accordance to with EN 10204/3.14.  Thus these make the buyers to show full trust on the seller that they are selling high quality of forged fittings that can be used for various applications.

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