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The Incoloy 825 Nuts offers many outstanding features in front of you. It is the most usable grades of Incoloy alloy series and has high in demand. It is known for features like tolerance and precise dimensions and has others features like stress corrosion cracking, excellent resistance, localized to attack such as pitting and crevice corrosion and many others. It may be subjected to hot forged, hot working, the cold working method in order to provide stability in any environmental condition. These nuts can easily avail at reasonable rates and are avail in different shapes and sizes.


The Incoloy 825 Nuts follow standards such as ASTM B425, IS, DIN, BS, and other equivalent standards. The size of this nut lies between the 3mm to 200mm and has length ranges between the M02 to M33. This nut product is subjected to various testing and is approved by third party inspection team in order to maintain the quality of the product.


Incoloy 825 Nuts is the hot galvanized self-drilling screw and it comes in all standard and metric sizes and is precisely engineered.

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