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As people are reaching new skylines, the areas of industry and marketing is skyrocketing. The industries are in a race of constant growth and development, for this, the industries need certain materials to increase their productivity. One of the most essential product used in industries is Incoloy 825 valves. These valves are made up of mainly an alloy of nickel chrome and molybdenum. The alloy consists of 31% iron, 42% nickel, 2% copper, 2% molybdenum, 20% chrome, traces of columbium and tantalum. The valves of Incoloy 825 are a long service forerunner. The additional presence of molybdenum and copper provide excellent corrosion resistance to the valves. Therefore, the valves will hold longer in severe environment also. There are many types of Incoloy valves be it ball valves, needle valves or relief valves.


Used majorly in the chemical industry sector the valves have excellent strength from cryogenic temperatures to temperature as high as 400° Celsius. Further are important features of the valves:

  • Resistance to sea water.
  • Resistant to oxidizing and reducing environment.
  • Special corrosion resistance to sulphuric and phosphoric acid.


The valves of Incoloy 825 alloy are highly useful in chemical industries and could be used at places where the valves have to bear extreme environments.

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