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Do you know what Incoloy 925 Bolts are? These are the bolts designed from a precipitation hardened nickel alloy. They provide comparable corrosion resistance to its brother Incoloy 825, but with advanced power resulting from the age toughening method. Also, 925 bolts are containing with extra levels of aluminum and titanium.  These are considered to be the ideal bolts for use in industrial applications that need a blend of corrosion resistance and high strength.


Corrosion Resistance-

These bolts are known to have exceptional resistance to crevice, corrosion and pitting even stress corrosion furious in different water atmospheres including those fulfilling with chlorides and sulfides. Also, the high amount of nickel content provide it enhanced shelter against chloride-ion cracking.  The added copper, as well as molybdenum offers resistance to decreasing chemicals. This is extremely excellent metals and is holding a great number of features, as we have mentioned above.



These Incoloy 925 U Bolts are packed keeping in mind that they may not get damaged until its last production. Cardboard box, if possible wooden cases can be used to cover it totally.

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