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Incoloy 925 nuts are alloys of nickel and chromium which is known for excellent stability at higher temperatures. These Incoloy nuts have not only excellent temperature strength but also they show very good carburization resistant & Oxidization resistance. They also provide one of the best resistances against corrosion and this ability amplifies according to their different grades. Incoloy nuts have a different composition from Inconel nuts. So, do not get confused with their similar names. The main constituents of strong Incoloy 925 nuts contain nickel alloy that has iron along with a small amount of nickel.


 In fact, Incoloy nuts prove to be a more reasonably priced option for Inconel nuts. This option gives better limits of temperature and resistance to corrosion.


Moreover, Incoloy proves to be perfect material in conditions where exposure is for a long period of time at extreme temperatures and tough environments of carburization, creep resistance and oxidation. They are also useful in brine, environments of sour gas and high chloride at extreme temperatures. They workability of providing resistance remains the same in sea water. That is why Incoloy 925 nuts become the best choice in the industries of gas oil and power.

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