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Incoloy 925 screw is formed with the precipitation of nickel, iron, and chromium alloy with the addition of copper and molybdenum. These screws are flat heads high strength alloy with excellent corrosion resistant property. It is available in hex cap screws and socket head screws which are suitable for the surface finish in marine pump shafts, sour gas wells, and high strength piping system and oil production equipment. The composition of molybdenum, adds resistance to corrosion and chromium offers resistance to oxidizing environments. Screws may be forged in the range of 1600 – 2150 F which improves its machinability for better accuracy and precise dimension.


The manufacturer uses advanced CNC machines and high-quality raw materials for accurate and quality production. Incoloy 800 screws are certified by ISO 4014 or DIN 931 which guaranteed its quality and tensile strength. Addition, of age hardening process results increase of strength. It also contains an amount of titanium and aluminum which are an ideal use of the underwater environment. It is manufactured for use in an aqueous environment and complex cross-sections. You should buy this screw for high tensile assembly in a corrosive environment.

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