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There are numbers of producers in the market well acknowledge for offering superior quality of Incoloy 925 washer. They are making use of top-notch quality of raw substances, latest tool and modern technology that result in the high greater quality of washer production. The reason this alloy washer containing nickel, molybdenum, and titanium along with copper addition has made it ideal for various applications. Incoloy machined washer is offering good corrosion resistance balance, stability in temperature, high tensile strength, and toughness. Also, the washer is having excellent resistance to corrosion feature to specific chemical attacks along with retaining strength at greater temperatures.  


The versatile and outstanding resistance to corrosion of Incoloy 925 washer under different temperature range and pressure is the main reason for its greater acceptance. To get good accuracy and smooth machining, it becomes necessary for one to have rigid machining, fixture and sharp tools for cutting. The specification of this item is ASTM, IS and BS. The standard specification of it is ASTM B805. The size in which it is available is M3 to M10. In length of the product is ranging from M3 to M5.

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