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Incoloy 939 Bars are chemical compounds made from a combination of Nickel and Chromium. These two elements create a chemical relationship, creating excellent high-temperature resistance suitable for commercial applications. The alloy also contains Titanium, Iron, Aluminium, and Molybdenum, which allows the bars an advantage during operations involving incredible thermal stability while enduring harsh external conditions. Incoloy 939 Bars can also withstand corrosive environments easily, making them incredibly valuable in many industrial production processes.

939 Incoloy Bars are highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation, making them a practical choice for harsh chemical environments. These characteristics are due to the combination of nickel, chromium, and iron in their composition. Other properties include excellent fabricability and formability in hot and cold conditions, good weldability without preheating, good fatigue strength, great strength at high temperatures, both creep-rupture and tensile strength, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. These bars can be used for pressure vessels and piping components for power plants with high-temperature requirements, such as heaters, parts in sulphuric acid, or other corrosive environments. They are also suitable for nuclear reactors because of their excellent resistance to corrosion from radiation exposure.

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