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Incoloy 939 Sheet

Incoloy 939 sheet is a precipitation hardenable nickel-iron-chromium alloy that contains titanium and aluminium for enhanced strength and resistance to corrosion. It has excellent strength at elevated and subzero temperatures, making it ideal for aerospace components and heat-treating applications. Its composition includes Nickel (34-38%), Iron (28-32%), Chromium (19-23%), Titanium (4.2-5.3%), Aluminum (>0.6%) and Cobalt (<1%).

Incoloy 939 sheets are used in various industries due to their excellent heat and corrosion resistance properties. It also has good weldability, formability and machinability with high strength at elevated temperatures. Its applications include exhaust systems for the automotive industry, components for petrochemical plants and power stations, turbine blades, frames for furniture, etc.

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